Tinuten is one of the leading submetering hardware and services provider by offering advanced metering solutions at affordable prices.TNL is able to offer meters at affordable prices,this allows for easy and economical tenant billing, cost allocation, energy initiative compliance as well as load profiling of industrial buildings, commercial facilities, factories, offices, and educational buildings. Providing a wide range of products and services in utility submetering, utility management and utility conservation, TNL is committed to delivering results that endure.There are many choices when it comes to Water, Gas and Electric submeters. UltimatePower®Submetering System is a value-adding prepayment utility management solution for the accurate measurement of consumption of electricity, water and gas in several individual apartments using prepaid-enabled submeters and Power-Selling Management Software in a master-metered multi-tenanted facility/property. Essentially, UltimatePower® facilitates upfront payment for utility services and it is used up based on individual measured consumption.